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The Quint tells stories no one else is willing to tell. What makes us different is quite simply our FOMO (for the uninitiated non-millennial, that’s our news-hungry fear of missing out). Millennials are defined by a hunger to know and have it all, and that's what The Quint strives to appease through its unbiased looking glass. In the process, it constantly questions status quo, sparking relevant conversations along the way.

Our team is a collective of newshounds, maverick story tellers, editors, producers, designers, analysts and reporters who have cut their teeth on the best news teams in the country. We make sense of the systematic chaos that is the world today and seek to bring you the story, however you want it – on your phone through videos, op-eds, infographics, animations and documentaries.

How Are We Funded?

The Quint is self-funded, promoted by its founders Raghav Bahl and Ritu Kapur. Details here.

Got an Idea?

We want to take news out of the newsroom. Help us Unscrew the World. Seen or heard something that you think makes for a good story? We'd love to tell it. You can pitch your story ideas, photos and submissions at editor@thequint.com. Someone in our team, particularly versed in that subject, will get back to you pronto!


‘Don’t be a webqoof’, the team at WebQoof urges – and offers you a credible, fact-checked piece of news that you can rely on, instead of the hastily-put-together WhatsApp forward you just received.

Get Your Stories Fact Checked:

special projects
Some stories need a little something extra. The Quint proudly calls this plethora of long-form investigative pieces, short docs and documentaries its ‘Special Projects’ – when journalism takes that extra step to deliver something really special.

Go Beyond The Stories:

my report
Got a grievance you wish would be heard? A civic situation that’s making daily living difficult? A problem you’re afraid would be dismissed for being ‘too local’? My Report brings local stories in the mainstream. All you need is a smartphone!

Have A Story To Tell?



Quint FIT provides the most accurate, trustworthy health, fitness and wellness advice with a healthy dose of attitude. Our focus is on giving you solid health advice packaged in sleek, easy to consume, well produced videos. We cut the jargon and dish out real advice.



If you’ve got a bit of heart in you and are willing to take on stories that demand you dig deep, long and hard for the truth, then The Quint is the newsroom for you.

Did we mention that we have a range of roles that would suit anybody with a penchant for telling stories? Think traditional newsrooms don’t have room for your doodle, your animator, your ball-point, your phone camera? At The Quint, we ask candidates simply to find – and share – their voices in the digital medium they’re best acquainted with. Between our English and Hindi websites, we have a bevy of journalists, camerapersons, VT editors, crappy-copy killers, design romancers, social media-oholics and product evangelists. You might fit right in!

At the helm though, we’ve got some of the best minds in the industry who’ve honed their craft for years in the media and today, lead a fearless newsroom into 21st-century, cutting-edge journalism.

We didn’t want to blow our trumpets all by ourselves, so we waited until some really cool people said some really cool things about us. ;) IFCN, the global benchmark for fact-checking operations, for instance, recognised our brand WebQoof. Which reminds us – check out WebQoof, and if you’d like, send us that dubious WhatsApp forward you just received? The Quint’s team of fake-news-busters doesn’t wear a cape but it’s doing more than its bit to provide fact-checked, credible, reliable information you can count on – and pass on to the chacha, chachi or door ke rishtedaar that just disseminated some disinformation

Some folks also, often, send some really cool awards our way; WAN IFRA, Vdonxt and Digipub have recognised our journalists, editors and videographers with a bevy of Golds, over the years – and YouTube awarded The Quint a Golden Play button for its channel.

On a serious note though, these awards were born out of teams of one or many folks, working hard at stories they cared about – and fighting to ensure it reached YOU. So, if you’ve heard about us, read us, watched us, grown with us – like we have with you – we’ll know we’ve done a good, honest day’s work in journalism.