Is the Kashmir Govt Covering up a Medicine Shortage in the Valley?

J&K Health minister Bali Bhagat has claimed that hospitals in the Valley are not short of medicines.

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Voluntary organisations across the valley are helping out the ones  battling this crisis in Kashmir. (Photo Courtesy: Twitter/<a href="">nimmijohn1</a>)

Squashing the government’s claims, NDTV has revealed in a report that medical centres across the Kashmir valley are facing a shortage of important medicines.

Taking the example of the only bone and joint hospital in Kashmir, the report adds that patients say most medicines needed for their treatments are not available at the government hospital.

Only Ampkacin injections are being provided by the hospital, rest of the prescribed medicines we purchase from the market.
Brother of a patient at the hospital

Medicines Being Procured from Outside Hospitals

Amir’s (another patient) father claimed that the hospital has not been able to provide them with most of the basic medicines needed for the treatment and as a result they had to struggle to procure medicines from outside.

We have got all medicines from the market, we are not given any medicines by the hospital.
Amir’s Father

However, Jammu and Kashmir Health Minister Bali Bhagat has claimed that hospitals in the Valley are anything but short of medicines.

I have given clear directions that all the hospitals of Kashmir should have adequate medicines available. Directions have also been given that if there is a shortage of any medicine or drug, the hospital must purchase locally from the market for the patients.
Bali Bhagat

Voluntary Organisations Help Out

But in this time of need, Kashmiris have come out in support of their brethren. Voluntary organisations across the valley have taken upon themselves to come to the aid of the ones battling this crisis in Kashmir.

Many of these organisations have put up stalls in the government hospitals providing patients with medicines, free of cost.

Refflin and Mentrogel are the medicines which are needed the most, those are not given to the patients by the hospitals, we provide them.
Mohammad Iqbal, Volunteer

(Source: NDTV)

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