Here's Why an Indian Gene Panel is the Need of the Hour in Cancer Treatment

The right step in achieving the goal of affordable and reliable targeted cancer treatment for Indians

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Despite advancements in precision-based cancer care, the standards of cancer treatment for patients in India have largely been limited to surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Until now, even the portion of cases that involved targeted cancer care, mainly relied on genomic data collected from Caucasian populations.

Now, an Indian company, 4baseCare, has come up with a population specific gene panel. This research is believed to be India’s largest and first population-specific tumour study derived from Whole Exome and Whole Transcriptome data of over 1500 cancer patients across 28 different cancer types.

To discuss this milestone, The Quint Fit spoke to a panel of oncologists, including Dr. Niti Krishna Raizada, Dr. Bhuvan Chugh, Dr. Vineet G. Gupta, the CEO of the company, Hitesh Goswami, and Arpan Talwar, primary caregiver and husband to a breast-cancer patient.

They discussed how this Indian population specific research is the need of the hour to ensure that targeted therapies are within the reach of average Indian cancer patients, and how this is a crucial step in the right direction towards the next stage of cancer care.

You can watch the entire discussion in the video above.

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