‘Your Stories Give Me Strength’: Sonali Bendre on Fighting Cancer

She says that stories of her fans are giving her strength and making her feel that she is ‘not alone’.

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Sonali Bendre had revealed that she had been diagnosed with high grade cancer.

In a new post on 10 July, Sonali Bendre has thanked her all the people for their love and support and especially thanked the ones ‘who shared stories of their experiences in dealing with cancer’. She says that such stories are giving her strength and making her feel that she is ‘not alone’.

She says she is trying to maintain a positive outlook and that ‘sharing her journey is also part of the process’.

Earlier, in a post on Twitter on 4 July, actor Sonali Bendre had revealed that she was suffering from a high-grade cancer that has metastasised. She said that it started with a niggling pain and further tests led to the diagnosis.

She is currently under treatment in New York.

She spoke about taking a course of treatment at a hospital in New York on the advice of her doctors. No other details were available.


What is High-Grade Cancer?

Oncologists use markers to define what stage a cancer is in. These stages range from Stage 1 to Stage 4, each stage defines how big the tumour is and how far it has spread.

According to NHS, grades are used to describe the appearance of cancer cells.

  • A grade 1 cancer cell will look normal and won’t grow rapidly.
  • A grade 2 cancer cell doesn’t resemble a normal cell and grow faster than a normal cell.
  • A grade 3 or high grade cancer cell looks abnormal and may grow more aggressively.

What is Metastasis?

According to, metastasis is the medical term for cancer that spreads to a different part of the body from where it started.

It happens when cancer cells break away from the main tumor and enter the bloodstream or lymphatic system, that in turn carries fluid in the body. These cancer cells can travel and form new tumours in different parts of the body.

As of now, we don’t know what type of cancer Sonali Bendre has and what stage it is in. We wish her the best with her recovery.

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