Rishi Kapoor Talks About Battling Chemotherapy & Coming Home
Rishi Kapoor talks about chemotherapy and the last leg of his treatment.
Rishi Kapoor talks about chemotherapy and the last leg of his treatment. (Photo: Instagram/Neetu Kapoor)

Rishi Kapoor Talks About Battling Chemotherapy & Coming Home

Actor Rishi Kapoor has been away from home, seeking treatment at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Hospital in New York for over 9 months now. The actor, in an interview with Mumbai Mirror, says that he is ready to come home.

The actor, who has not revealed the type of cancer he is battling, says it’s in remission now. Earlier in May, his friend and filmmaker Rahul Rawail had said that the actor is cancer-free.

It was while shooting a film in Delhi that the actor says the problem was first detected.


The 66-year-old actor also spoke about his battle with weightloss and lack of appetite as he underwent chemotherapy. He was quoted as saying,

“I had lost 26 kg as I had no appetite for the first four months. Now, I've gained seven-eight kg. I don't want to look too lean, but I haven't gone back to my original self either. Thank God for that."

He further said that his cancer was in remission and he hopes to come back home soon. But he’ll have to visit the hospital once or twice a year to check on his progress.

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He spoke about how his family has stood by him like a rock.

“It’s been a difficult time, very taxing, but Neetu (wife), and my children (Ranbir and Riddhima) have been very supportive. I am grateful to everyone. I am waiting to come back and raring to get going.”

He further spoke about undergoing further chemotherapy. Saying he needs consolidation or pushback therapy. The therapy is used to kill any remaining cancer cells that may still be left in the body once cancer goes into remission. It is often also called intensification therapy and post-remission therapy, according to National Cancer Institute.

“I will plan my return five-six weeks after my last treatment. It is called consolidation or pushback, whereby I will have to undergo chemotherapy to ensure that the ailment does not return. This is the second time I am going through the treatment. I am hoping that I can plan an end-August return but all this talk that I will be back in early September for my birthday, is again nothing but speculation.”

He further elaborated on the treatment plan.

“I have a crucial meeting with the doctors today at 10.45 am, there’s one treatment still left to be done. The problem is not the treatment but the reaction time. There is a six-week gap between one treatment and the next when all you can do is eat, shop, watch movies, live a normal life which I would rather do at home than here in New York. It’s been nine months and 16 days—I know since I have been counting the days—that I have been away. I really miss home.”

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