FIT Bites: How to Make ‘Rasam Poha’

Watch: How to Make ‘Rasam Poha’, a recipe that combines the traditional with a healthy twist.

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Who says eating healthy and eating tasty are two different things? And who says cooking is a complicated affair?

In this season of ‘Food Bites’, FIT brings you fifteen exclusive recipes that combine the traditional with a twist. From the choice of ingredients, to the method of cooking, there’s a health aspect to it all. And it’s all done in a single vessel.

This week’s recipe is ‘Rasam Poha’; the combination of ‘Rasam’, which is one of the oldest Indian recipes, and ‘Poha’, flattened rice.

All of ingredients that go into making Rasam either help in digestion, or are good for the throat. Combined with Poha’s phenomenally high iron content and easily digestible nature, this is one meal you can drool for, without guilt.

Check out the video. Try it and home. And let us know how it turned out!

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