Weight Loss, Protein and Cholesterol - What IS the Ande Ka Funda?

Weight Loss, Protein and Cholesterol - What IS the Ande Ka Funda?

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We love to eat our eggs - fried, boiled, sunny side up, with bread, without it, with some good, old parantha. No matter what we eat, we love to toss in some egg in there. So, let's start with some basic advantages.

  1. Eggs are extremely low in calories and contain all essential amino acids.
  2. They have a high satiety value which means they keep you full for a long period of time and help with weight loss.
  3. They are great for the health of your brain. Along with proteins, minerals and vitamins, eggs also contain choline an essential B vitamin that helps produce a neurotransmitter involved in mental clarity, memory and logical reasoning. In fact, low levels of it have been found to be associated with Alzheimer’s.
  4. If you're building lean muscle, eggs is your answer.
  5. They also help you keep lost weight at bay.

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Egg Allergies and Sourcing

When it comes to eggs, the first thing to keep in mind is allergies. Most people outgrow them as children by the age of five, but many people also develop them with age.

An egg allergy happens when your body misidentifies the protein in eggs as harmful. Symptoms include digestive problems, nausea and rashes.

It’s also important to pay attention to where you’re sourcing your eggs from. Antibiotic abuse is rampant in the poultry industry and it might be making YOU antibiotic resistant. So be responsible and get your eggs only from ethical, range farms.

Eggs’ Verdict

So, after the good and the bad, what is the verdict? Here’s the round-up with eggs:

  • Two eggs a day is not only alright, but a recommended option for an adult.
  • Yes, eat the yolk too, unless a health expert has advised you otherwise.
  • Eggs are great for weight loss and keeping it at bay.
  • Looking to build lean muscle – herein lies your answer.
  • They are easy to cook and include in your daily diet.

Having said all this, watch out for how YOUR body takes to them. Allergies to eggs are not unusual. Watch closely for any symptoms. Other than that, nothing should hold you from digging in.

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