FIT Bites: How About a Glass of Ginger Ale to Cool You Down?

FIT Bites: How About a Glass of Ginger Ale to Cool You Down?

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In this episode of Fit Bites, Nitin Dixit, co-founder Greenr Cafe, shares the recipe of a ginger ale that can be easily made at home. It requires patience and investment of time, but at the end of it, what you get is a refreshing summer beverage that will definitely help you beat the heat.

To begin with, here are the list of ingredients that you require:

  • Water in a bowl
  • Chopped lemongrass
  • Chopped ginger
  • Powdered jaggery

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  • The first step is to pour water in a bowl.
  • Take some chopped lemongrass.
  • And then some chopped ginger.
  • Add to it a bit of powdered jaggery.
  • Once all the ingredients are together, bring them to a boil.
  • Put all of it in a covered jar and now comes the patience bit - leave it in the sun for a week to ferment.

A week later...

  • Put some ice in a glass.
  • Take the fermented concoction and pour it in the glass.
  • Add lemon juice, according to taste.
  • Next comes jaggery syrup, to take the edge off the citrusy lemon.
  • Mix it all together and now for the grand finale…
  • Add carbonated water and serve chilled.

The beverage is easy to make and a great healthy alternative to sugary drinks you might seek otherwise comfort in.

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