Hasan Minaj Takes On Coffee: The Good, The Bad, The Delicious

Hasan Minaj address the coffee question: Is it good or bad for you? 

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Hasan Minaj addresses the ultimate coffee debate.

Come on Hasan Minaj! We know coffee is great for us. Specially South Indian Filter Coffee. That’s a cure for everything.

Yes, we’ve read every study under the sun about coffee being great for you, or terrible for you, or really great for you, or really really ‘cancer’ bad for you. And now, American comedian Hasan Minaj on his Patriot Act show on Netflix has decided to finally end the debate.

He traces the various studies done on coffee and questions the weak methodology and publishing of papers that rely on vague terms and random science. He traces back to a 1991 World Health Organisation report that called coffee ‘possibly carcinogenic.’

Hey Hasan Minaj, we lifted the lid off this coffee debate a while ago. Read it here. While you sip coffee.

And take our ultimate coffee quiz, right here!

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