Boy Dies of Allergy After Classmate Throws Cheese at Him: Reports

In an alleged accident, a 13-year-old boy died after a pupil in his school flicked a slice of cheese at him. 

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The boy suffered from a severe dairy allergy. 

In a freak accident, a 13-year-old boy from London died after a student at his school threw a slice of cheese at him, say reports. An inquest was told that the boy went from “absolutely fine” to unconscious in 10 minutes. The boy suffered from severe dairy allergies.

A report by The Guardian says, Karanbir Singh Cheema, had a serious reaction after another student flicked a slice of cheese the size of half a post-it at him; the cheese hit Cheema on his neck. He was given the drug, Piriton but stopped breathing shortly after the paramedics arrived.


The 15-year-old boy who threw the cheese claims that he was unaware of Karan’s dairy allergies. He apparently flicked the cheese at Karan which hit him on the left side of his neck after which Cheema told him that he had a cheese allergy.

The boy claimed that he was only aware of Cheema’s bread and dairy allergy but didn’t know that dairy also included cheese. The boy thought that Karan would only develop a fever or rash and wasn’t aware that he would die.

Karan’s mother, Rina Cheema said that his son was very diligent with his allergies and was an extremely meticulous and bright boy. When asked why he did it, the boy said that he was just playing games, he would throw food at classmates daily and had thrown a banana skin at someone earlier that day.

According the website Independent, the lawyer hired by the Cheema family said that there were differences in the story that the boy told inquest and the statement he had made.

A consultant told Karan’s mother that it was unlikely that skin contact with something could cause such a serious reaction and believed that this was not responsible for the anaphylactic reaction.

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