Can You Break Your Unhealthy Snacking Habit? Our Expert Answers

Our ‘expose’ reveals just how bad evening snacks like samosas and kachoris can be. We recommend a cheap weekly plan

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Sumit Badola
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Kavita Devgan

Evenings are usually a time of the snack devil - he tempts us with samosas, kachoris, greasy chowmein.

This unhealthy snack-devil hides inside namkeen shops and lurks on delivery apps, seducing you every evening with a tasty-but-nutritiously-horrible munch!

And as nutritionist Kavita Devgan points out, nothing negates all our efforts to eat healthy than a dirty evening snack!

Here’s an ‘expose’ into just how bad evening snacks can be for us. With a panelist, who we let speak, unlike modern panelist terms and conditions.

Panelist.. oops.. nutritionist Kavita Devgan also suggests alternate evening snacks that are easy on the pocket and a nutritional powerhouse.

1. Monday 7 PM Snack Gets Healthy

With sprouts chat, potato salad and peas chat, you will be sorted with your protein and carbohydrate intake. Well, for the evening at least.

2. Tuesday Gets Antioxidant Dose

Apple slices too boring? Then try it with peanut butter

3. Wednesday Snack Fulfills Eggspectations

Egg chat is a great source of cheap proteins. And the body will bow its head to you for giving it a recurring dose of proteins through the week

4. Thursday 7 PM snack becomes ‘gud’

Yes, because gud with chana is really 'gud,' as nutritionist Kavita Devgan points out.

5. A Friday Snack That Doesn’t Hurt

Well, what can we say? Dhokla is great for the gut (and pocket too!)

6 &7: Eat What You Want on Weekends, But do This Homework

Over the weekend, let loose. But also spare some time to make moong dal idlis for the coming week. That way, you will not have to run to that pack of chips when you are hungry at 7 PM the coming Monday!

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