Why Kalki Swears by a Spoon of Coconut Oil and Coffee For Skincare

Looking for some skincare hacks? Who else to get them from than the gorgeous Kalki Koechlin herself.

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Are skin woes bringing you down? Perhaps you could try cold-pressed coconut oil and some coffee everyday in the morning. At least that’s what Kalki Koechlin does to keep her skin healthy and glowing.

Actor, poet, performer, theatre artist, writer - Kalki wears many hats. Needless to say, this incredibly busy lifestyle would leave anyone’s skin tired, stressed and in need of care.

So, how does Kalki do it?


5 Skincare Tips by Kalki

Kalki says she has a spoonful of cold-pressed coconut oil everyday.
Kalki says she has a spoonful of cold-pressed coconut oil everyday.
(Photo Courtesy: Kalkikanmani/Instagram)
  1. Have a spoonful of cold-pressed coconut oil every morning.
  2. Always wear sunscreen.
  3. Always keep your skin hydrated - drink enough water, naariyal paani at least once a day.
  4. Follow a cleanser, toner and moisturiser routine every night. Remove all make-up before hitting the sheets.
  5. Avoid any artificial enhancers for the skin to combat ageing. Though she would not advice anyone for or against treatments like botox injections, but Kalki says it’s a choice she would not make.

Of these, the easiest and the most effective things to incorporate in your daily skincare ritual are sunscreen and drinking water regularly.

Say Yes to Sunscreen

The sun emits two kinds of UV rays – UVA (those that cause long term damage like ageing) and UVB (those that cause short term damage in the form of burning). Therefore it’s important to guard your skin against these harmful effects of the UV rays.

Sunscreens over SPF 40 or above are recommended for Indian skin tones. It is very important so as to protect the skin against the UV rays that may filter through the clouds, even though visible sunlight is minimal. Wearing sunscreen indoors is also very important, in order to protect against UV rays emitted from various devices


Chug, Chug, Chug...Water

The most ideal situation is to drink about three litres of water every day. This can be broken down into a litre each before and after lunch, followed by another in the evening.

Drinking enough water helps with combating dry skin, along with flushing out toxins and bacteria from the body. Keep gulping it down for younger looking.

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