FB Live: Cure a Diwali Binge, With Another Binge! Here’s How

Have you ever had a ‘Bloody Beer’ (the marriage of a Bloody Mary and a beer?) It works well, post Diwali hangovers.

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The perfect post-Diwali binge.

Now that Diwali is done and a long working week stares you in the face, are you nursing holiday blues? Loath to leave behind the grand feasts and the free flowing booze because the festivities are over? Well, fear not!

We chatted with chef and bartender Parul Pratap during a fun Facebook Live where she told us the right way to get over a hangover. And guess what? It involves a little bit of a binge itself! Watch to know what foods and alcohol you can whip up at home to keep the post-Diwali spirit running high.

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