FIT Bites Vegan Recipes: Mango Strawberry Smoothie With Turmeric

Indians summers are synonymous with mangoes, but did you ever associate haldi with it too?

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Indians summers are synonymous with mangoes, but did you ever associate haldi with it too? This is what this smoothie has in store for you. Trying to go vegan? Even better, because this is a cooling beverage that can be made it home without any milk.

The simple recipe, shared by Nitin Dixit, co-founder of Greenr Cafe, can be easily attempted at home, tweaked to suit your taste buds the best.

Here’s how it goes.



For this mango strawberry smoothie, start with ice. Put it generously in the mixer.

Follow it up with water, preferably chilled.

Add cut mangoes to the mix. You can increase or decrease the quantity depending on the thickness or density of the smoothie that you prefer.

Sprinkle a few mint leaves on top.

Follow it up with a little powdered haldi (turmeric).

Add a little powdered jaggery.

Next comes chopped ginger. Yes, you read it right - ginger in a smoothie. A few chopped pieces. It would lend your beverage a slight pungent touch, enhancing its taste further.

Blend it all and serve chilled. If the density is too thick, chuck the straw and pull out a spoon. The beverage would be heavy enough to keep you full for a while, yet not weight you down.

Mangoes are a great for strengthening immunity, maintaining bone health, aiding digestion, being a great summer snack in itself and are a great source of antioxidants. Additionally, it helps with glowing skin and hair and contains potassium, fibre and other minerals which might also enhance heart health.

The smoothie is a wholesome beverage that your body will thank you for. It can be had in the morning as part of breakfast.

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