Fitness Queen Shilpa Shetty Busts 5 Common Dieting Myths

Fitness Queen Shilpa Shetty Busts 5 Common Dieting Myths

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We all have decided to go on a diet at some point and ended up falling for some myths. So, FIT decided to debunk the most common diet myths with the fitness Goddess of Bollywood, Shilpa Shetty Kundra.

She is out with her second book ‘Diary of a Domestic Diva’. This new book tells you how to cook healthy yet yummy food. The actor is always giving us fitness goals, so take her tips seriously!

1. Diet sodas are a healthier option when on diet

No sodas are healthy, according to Shilpa. Diet or normal, soda contains sugar which one should avoid when on a diet.

She suggests we replace sodas with fresh fruit juice.

Diet sodas contain aspartame, which is an artificial sweetener that weakens the bones of an individual.

2. Egg yolks increase cholesterol

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This is a very common myth and often people do restrict themselves and eat just the white of an egg. Shilpa debunks the myth by telling us the use of an egg as a whole.

Two eggs if eaten whole are a full meal and contain the essential vitamins and minerals which are required by the body.

3. All nutrition bars are healthy

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Shilpa strongly suggests we avoid synthetic nutrition bars as much as possible. The artificial nutrition bars contain sugar which is not healthy for intake.

Debunking this myth, Shilpa gives us a very easy DIY nutrition bar recipe. Take some oats, dates and unsweetened peanut butter. Mix it all together, freeze it and chop it into pieces. You’ve got yourself a healthy nutrition bar!

4. Eating ghee and rice makes one fat

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According to Shilpa, this is one of the most common and ridiculous myths. For her, ghee is one of the most essential part of the meal and helps in digesting rice.

Shilpa reveals a secret about her diet. She includes two spoons of ghee and some rice in her lunch everyday.

Ghee also helps in keeping the bones strong.

5. All calories are the same

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Calories can never be the same, they can be put under the categories of good calories and bad calories. The kind of calories we intake really leaves an impact on the body. Though calories from healthy food and junk food can be the same in count but their impact on the body is very different.

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