We Have Been Lied to a Lot - About Sugar

In the lead up to Diabetes Day, learn the biggest lies about sugar and cut down on those sugar calories

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Editor: Kunal Mehra

Camera: Abhishek Ranjan, Sumit Badola, Shiv Kumar Maurya

When I first read that brown sugar was unhealthy, I was heartbroken, shocked... bewildered. As though I had just been cheated on.

And cheating it was, because before that, I had always assumed it to be a friend of my petite waistline. But turns out brown sugar had been betraying all this while.

That not even having the same calories, it actually had one kcal more than its dreaded cousin, white sugar, made it the ultimate betrayal.

But 'brown sugar is a healthier option' is not the only lie we've been told about sugar.

The even bigger lie that marketing and content imagery has had us believe is that sugar is only in 'sweet' tasting things. No, it is not.


Here's just some of the places where you will find sugar:

  • Ketchup

  • Chips and biscuits

  • Pickles

  • Muesli

These are so well 'hidden', we can't even monitor how much sugar we are consuming in a day.

Making matters worse is that most food items and snacks don't simply put the amount of 'sugar' on their labels. They often use complex sounding names -

  • Sucrose

  • Fructose

  • Fruit juice concentrate

  • Maple syrup

  • Honey syrup

  • Corn starch

Not only that, even the research behind sugar is not always 100% clean.

The corporations that earn their billions from sugar, often also end up pumping in millions in research which is pro-sugar or against its alternatives, something that journalist Gary Taubes has mentioned about in much detail in his book, The Case Against Sugar.

And before we understand all these lies about sugar, we can't give it up (well at least not entirely!). 350 days left in this year... are you going to finally stand up against sugar? And mind you, removing extra sugar from our diet is not going to be sweet.

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