‘Stay Home for Us’: Viral AIIMS Doc Shares Message on COVID-19

‘Stay Home for Us’: Viral AIIMS Doc Shares Message on COVID-19


Video Producer: Mohd Irshad Alam

Frontline healthcare workers are at the forefront of the battle against the novel coronavirus.

One such doctor recently shared a picture of his message to the public to remind us of their sacrifice and “stay at home for them

Dr Amarinder Singh Malhi, a senior resident at AIIMS, posted the message on Twitter that went viral almost instantly, with even Prime Minister Narendra Modi retweeting it in support of healthcare workers.

(Photo: Twitter)

“I would like to thank PM Narendra Modi for retweeting my quote and applauding all the doctors and paramedical staff,” Dr Malhi tells FIT.

“Doctors are available in hospitals 24 hours for all patients, but we are telling the masses to not come to the hospital, unless you have symptoms like fever, sore throat and dry cough.”
Dr Amarinder Singh Malhi

If you have symptoms that are just like the flu, like a runny nose or sputum with cough, “then you can stay at home, take antibiotics and adequate water,” he advises.

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‘Shortages of Equipment, But We are Taking Precations’

Dr Malhi tells us that “Doctors are the first in the line of infection. But we are taking risks but we are not taking stupid risks.”

Healthcare workers like Dr Malhi are most vulnerable at this time, so how are they protecting themselves? Is there enough protective gear?

On 18 March, FIT spoke to AIIMS doctors who urged their administration to step up protection measures for the junior and senior residents, nurses, doctors and allied healthcare workers at the frontlines.

They raised concerns over a need for uninterrupted supplies of protective equipment like masks, sanitizers, gloves and more - and shed light on the innovative measures the hospital was taking to combat a supply shortage like creating their own hand sanitizer.

Dr Malhi added,

“There will always be shortage of hand sanitizers and masks, so recently our microbiological department made these face shields and made sanitizers according to WHO standards. So we are covering all the shortages.”

‘Complete Lock Down or Ready to Be Down’:Doctors Message to the Public

Dr Malhi said that there was one more message he wanted to send out to everyone, not just Indians.

“There is a need for another placard, 'Either complete lock down, or as ready to be down.’ Home quarantine is the best medication right now, so the best is stay safe, and stay at home.”

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