COVID-WebQoof: K’taka Health Min Says Gargle With Turmeric & Salt

People with authority saying these things (fake claims) only create confusion among the public, says Dr Suranjit.

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COVID-WebQoof: K’taka Health Min Says Gargle With Turmeric & Salt


As India continues to observe a rising number of COVID-19 positive cases, myths and misinformation around coronavirus are increasing. On Sunday, Karnataka Health Minister B Sriramulu said, "Gargle with turmeric and salt thrice a day. Drink hot water instead of cold water. I am not a doctor but many people in China are recovering after gargling with turmeric and salt and drinking hot water."

Earlier, filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri had also said that lemon and turmeric are useful against COVID-19 and we had busted those claims.


FIT reached out to Dr Suranjit Chatterjee, Senior Consultant, Internal Medicine at Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, who said, "As a treatment of COVID-19, such a method doesn't exist at all. For symptomatic management, people have been using home remedies as they have soothing effects in cases such as throat pain or cough. But they are not for coronavirus treatment."

He also added that people with authority saying these things only creates confusion among the public.

Earlier, on the claims of hot water curing COVID-19, he had said,

“Although drinking hot water can be beneficial for a sore throat but it generally helps with fighting certain symptoms and is not a medical treatment. But again, there’s no medical evidence to say that it is effective specifically against COVID-19.”

Dr Sumit Ray, a critical care specialist in Delhi NCR explained how the virus actually affects the body. He said, “The virus enters our body and manipulates our own body cells and that’s how it causes diseases. We all become virus shedders and a source of infection. Although it’s always good to keep your mouth clean, since it’s good for hygiene, but there’s no medical evidence that doing so would treat coronavirus.”

FIT couldn't find any report substantiating the minister's claim that people in China are recovering after gargling with turmeric and salt. Neither WHO not China's official authorities have made such claims.

In the wake of rising infodemic around coronavirus, a lot of people have been finding it difficult to separate facts from myths. WHO too has busted many myths around COVID-19. You can read FIT's WebQoof stories here to verify any claim related to coronavirus.

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