COVID-19: Here’s How to Care For Your Clean But Dry Hands

COVID-19: Here’s How to Care For Your Clean But Dry Hands


Video editor: Varun Sharma
Video producer: Hera Khan

We hope you have been diligently washing your hands, with the tap switched off and for 20 seconds at the minimum, to maintain hand hygiene and protect against the dreaded coronavirus.

While doing so is essential to avoid the infection, hard water and soap aren't gentle on your hands! With the increased hand-washing, are you noticing some dryness and cracking too?

How do you adhere to strict hygiene precautions and care for your hands?

Here are some quick tips:

  1. Avoid over-drying your hands before you moisturise
  2. Moisturise your hands immediately after washing
  3. Use oil-based hand creams as they are more effective
  4. Opt for fragrance-free hand creams
  5. If your hands are still chapped, put a generous layer of hand cream on
  6. Before sleeping at night and cover it with cotton gloves for an intense DIY 'hand mask'

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