More than 90% in Delhi Have COVID-19 Antibodies: 6th Sero Survey

COVID-19 Sero Survey: This means Delhi is unlikely to see a destructive surge in cases with a possible 3rd wave.

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>India Sero Survey: 90 percent of Delhiites have antibodies against COVID-19</p></div>

More than 90 percent of the residents of the national capital have developed antibodies against COVID-19, according to the 6th National sero survey.

As part of the 6th sero survey which started on September 24, 28,000 samples were collected from all the 280 wards of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi.

The final report was submitted to the Delhi government on Wednesday. 27 October.

The data suggests that a possible COVID wave in the future is unlikely to see a devastating surge in cases like in the first and second waves, as far as Delhi is concerned.


What the Sero Survey Found

This is the first sero survey to be conducted after the devastating second wave in March and April.

In the 5th Sero survey report, 56.13 per cent of people in Delhi were found to have antibodies against COVID. A number that has nearly doubled this time around.

Each individual district was also found to have more than 85 per cent sero positivity.

The data also includes those who are vaccinated along with those who have developed natural immunity after a bout of COVID illness.

A major reason for the high number of seropositivity is the rapid vaccination cover in the capital wherein nearly half the population has been fully vaccinated.

More women, than men are seropositive in Delhi.

At the same time, COVID cases in Delhi have seemingly been on the decline with the national capital reporting 38 new cases, and a 0.06 percent drop in positivity rate in the last 24 hours.

(Written with inputs from IANS.)

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