‘Flawed Science’: Experts Question Patanjali’s New COVID-19 Drugs

A 100% COVID-19 cure? Experts deconstruct the gaps in the science behind Ramdev’s new apparent ‘COVID-19 cure.’

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(Video Editor: Deepthi Ramdas, Mohd Ibrahim)

On July 1, Patanjali released a press statement to clarify their statement that they have created a “coronavirus cure with a 100 per cent recovery rate.”

As per a tweet by ANI, Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali re-iterated the results from their clinical trials that claimed a “67% recovery in 3 days & 100% recovery in 7 days of treatment, where all 45 patients became COVID negative.” They said the results had been shared with the Ayush MInistry, but the Ministry has not confirmed their drug as a cure.

As per their statement, Patanjali says it is allowed by the Ministry to “manufacture and distribute its Divya Coronil Tablets, Divya SwasarVati and Divya AnuTaila across India” as an immunity booster and not a COVID cure.

They seemingly backtracked from their previous stance of a COVID cure. 

Their statement added that “Ayurvedic drug licences and control clinical trials are two different streams and that Patanjali has received the licence approval for Divya Coronil tablet and Divya Swasarivati on their “traditional reported usage.”

FIT spoke to Dr SP Kalantri, Director Professor of Medicine at MGIMS & Medical Superintendent of Kasturba Hospital and Anant Bhan, Adjunct Professor & Researcher in Bioethics at Mangaluru’s Yenepoya University to break down what is wrong scientifically with Patanjali’s drugs and the processes by which they were made.

“There are several issues related to the basic study design. Several biases have crept in, for example, the sample size is not appropriate.”
Dr SP Kalantri, Director Professor of Medicine at MGIMS & Medical Superintendent of Kasturba Hospital

From a flawed sample size to no peer review and regulatory confusions - watch the video to see the experts explain.

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