India’s 1st Drive-Through COVID-19 Testing Service Starts in Delhi

Dr Dangs Lab is offering the country’s first drive-through sample collection service in Delhi.

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Video Editor: Deepthi Ramdas

Corresponding to India’s efforts to expand testing for COVID-19, Dr Dangs Lab is offering the country’s first drive-through sample collection service in Delhi’s Punjabi Bagh.

The lab is among over 50 other private labs that have been approved by the ICMR to test for the disease caused by the novel coronavirus.

Until now, these labs were conducting sample collection from homes or through walk-in consultations, though ICMR has explicitly advised the former. With the drive-through facility, the risk of exposure to the infection is minimised even further, both for the patient as well as the medical staff.

How It Works

In conversation with FIT, Dr Arjun Dang, CEO of Dr Dangs Labs shares the procedure:

  • Bookings are to be made online on their website.
  • An online form needs to be filled. It asks for the required documents, patient information as well as vehicle details.
  • Once the registration is complete, a document is shared containing instructions and details about the procedure.
  • The samples are taken from inside the car through the window.
  • A series of signages guide the patients through the stations.
  • The process is completed within 10-12 minutes.
  • Reports are emailed and can be accessed on the website within 24-36 hours.

The tests are being offered for Rs 4500, the price limit set by the government. Any person who wishes to get the tests done needs to have the following: doctor's prescription, government ID and patient proforma/TRA.

Innovative Techniques for COVID-19 Testing

Kerala has come up with a unique solution to combat the growing COVID-19 crisis and the urgent lack of PPEs (personal protective equipment) for healthcare workers.

On Monday, 6 April, the state set up COVID-19 collection kiosks where people can quickly and efficiently get their samples collected. The collection cabins are similar to the ones used in South Korea, and in Kerala, these are called Walk-in Sample Kiosks (WISK).

Two of these cabins were installed Government Medical College in Ernakulam reported The News Minute.

The cabins are made to ensure hygiene, and the environment inside and outside is constantly sanitised after each patient. It also has magnetic doors, ultraviolet lights and an exhaust fan.

A similar sample collection kiosk was installed in a Jharkhand hospital.

South Korea seems to be speer-heading such initiatives. The country has inspired others such as UK, US and now India with its drive-through clinics for COVID-19. The entire process here takes not more than 10 minutes, with a brief questionnaire, temperature check and a nose-swab, as the patient sits inside the car. This also ensures that there is minimal contact with other potentially infected persons — a risk with walk-in clinics.

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