Diabetes Patients More Likely to Get COVID-19

After global studies linked diabetes with COVID-19, experts stressed that diabetes increases the risk of infection.

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A new study found that weight loss within 6 years of the diagnosis can result in remission for Type 2 diabetes. 

After several global health studies linked diabetes with severe Covid-19, Indian health experts on Friday, 18 December, also stressed that diabetes lowers immunity and increases the risk of infection.

The experts said that Covid-19 is a condition that gets worse with co-morbidities.
Studies indicate that people suffering from diabetes suffer from worse outcomes, have a high risk for severity, and long recovery time.

According to the doctors, when a person suffers from diabetes, it doesn't simply affect the body's blood glucose levels but also compromises the insulin production levels in the body. It can have lasting complications, especially on immunity.


People with high blood sugar levels have less than normal blood flow, which makes it difficult for the body to harness nutrients, natural defenses meant to protect the body against several infections and promote healing.
Hence, it usually takes a little longer than usual for people with diabetes to recover as well.

Dr. Atul Luthra, Head of Department, Diabetes, and Endocrinology, Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurugram told IANS: "Diabetes lowers your immunity and thereby increases the risk of developing secondary bacterial infections and multi-organ dysfunction."

"For patients with uncontrolled blood sugar levels, safeguarding against infection risk is extremely important. For even the ones who have good control over their sugar levels, the occurrence of infection could mean increased stress resulting in higher glucose levels," he said.

Underlying co-morbidities apart from diabetes, such as diseases of heart, lung, and kidney could also worsen the outcome of Covid-19 infection.

"Therefore, keeping sugar level under control is important for all patients having diabetes, through regular medication and appropriate lifestyle modification," Luthra said.

Experts suggest that taking natural antioxidants may help keep sugar levels in control along with other health benefits. The latest antioxidant which is produced for the first time in India is Gamma Oryzanol.

“It is important to keep sugar level in control through medication, diet and lifestyle modification.’’
Dr. Charu Dua, Head of Department, Nutrition and Dietetics, Max Hospital ,New Delhi

"Gamma-oryzanol is useful for controlling elevated sugar levels along with this it is also known to boost metabolic rate, maintaining cholesterol level and may help with weight loss," Dua added.

As per recent studies and research, Gamma Oryzanol exhibited unique anti-diabetic properties and it's an effective natural food-based, approach to anti-diabetic therapy.
"Studies also indicated that a 300 mg dosage of Gamma oryzanol capsules is an appropriate dosage which not only helps in diabetes management but also promotes overall health," the doctors said.

Gamma-oryzanol, a mixture of antioxidant compounds in the bran's oil fraction, is also scientifically proven to play role in reducing blood cholesterol levels, among other health-promoting benefits.

"The better in charge you are of keeping your blood sugar in check, the better you can keep Covid-19 at bay," the experts noted.

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