Highest Jump in Total COVID Cases, But Are Active Cases Dropping?

The number of COVID-19 recoveries in India is at its highest today, shows union ministry data.

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The number of COVID-19 recoveries in India is at its highest today, shows union ministry data.

India's coronavirus cases surpassed the 1.70 lakh-mark with a total of 1,73,763 cases, registering the highest single day spike of 7,964, the Health Ministry data revealed on Saturday, 30 May.

Data from the Ministry of Health, 30 May
Data from the Ministry of Health, 30 May
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Interestingly, while the total number of cases shot up, the number of recoveries did too at 82369 compared to yesterday’s (29 May) 71105.

When the data is analysed through the lens of recoveries, it seems that the active number of cases in India has actually dropped.

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    (Photo: Health Check)
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    (Photo: Health Check)

According to a tweet by Indiaspend’s Health Check the number of patients that have reportedly recovered has spiked by 15.8 per cent in one day, which is an absolute number of 11,264 recoveries since yesterday.

This total is three times as many recoveries as the previous highest jump in recoveries (3935), writes Health Check.

What does this mean for India? Have we flattened the curve? Are we over the peak?


To understand this better, this data also has to be looked at state-wise for a clearer picture.

For example, the worst-hit state of Maharashtra doesn't seem to follow this promising pattern. It still remains the worst hit with a total of 62,228 cases of which 33,133 are active, 2,098 persons have succumbed to the disease while 26,997 have recovered and have been discharged.

Another state worth mentioning is Kerala that had almost flattened its curve. According to the date by the Union Health Ministry, it is currently witnessing a surge in the number of COVID-19 cases. There are now 1,150 cases of which 577 are active, 565 have recovered while 8 have died.

It is important to distinctly mention if the number of cases are the total number which is the number of active and recovered cases, or just the active cases which discounts the recovered cases.

The economist Dr Shamika Ravi tweeted out similar data from Johns Hopkins university that also suggested India saw a sharp dip in active cases.

Like Dr Ravi says, it is important to wait for a few more days to determine if this is a random spike or part of a larger downward trend.

This is a developing story and more details will be added as we follow the data for the next couple of days.

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