People Underestimate the Coronavirus: A Patient’s Story of Remorse

“The virus has turned my life upside down.”

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“The virus has turned my life upside down.” (Photo used for representation)

“Too many people underestimate this damned coronavirus”, Gianni Zampino told Brut. as he shared his experience of contracting the COVID-19 disease and possibly infecting his father who passed away.

In the video, he shares that the video the virus turned his life upside down in just ten days. The Italian man narrated his story, “Unfortunately, this virus has entered my body and has killed the most precious person in my life, my father. I, like many, underestimated this coronavirus. I thought it was a political ploy, a military ploy, a joke, and many other things.”

“When you are stuck in this state, you realize that without your health, you are nothing. I would like to be able to enjoy a dinner, a walk, a day by the sea, but I don’t know what my future holds now. The most difficult thing when I get discharged will be when I return home and my father isn’t there.”

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