‘Social Bubbles’: The New COVID Buzzword You Should Know

How should you protect yourself if you go out when the lockdown ends? Create social bubbles.

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‘Social Bubbles’: The New COVID Buzzword You Should Know

India is gearing up to move out of its lockdown, but as COVID cases are still on the rise, how do you protect yourself?

A new study from The University of Oxford may hold the answer.

The study claims that a good way to reduce the spread of the infection is by creating ‘social bubbles’, that is, strategically interacting with only the same, limited number of people who become your social bubbles.

According to the research, this follows the same ideology of restricting contact, maintaining social distance with too many people and can, therefore, help flatten the curve. The study suggests limiting your social bubble to people from the same geographical area.

In their press release on the university site, Dr Block, lead author of the article says,

“We demonstrate that strategic reduction of contact can strongly increase the efficiency of social distancing measures, introducing the possibility of allowing some social contact while keeping risks low.”

This form of strategic social distancing can help reduce the risk of transmission as you will only meet a few select people and avoid socialising at large.

So, a change in the way you create social networks may help stave off the threat of COVID-19.

In their press release, the authors wrote that “The emphasis on similar, community-based and repetitive contacts is both easy to understand and implement, thus making distancing measures more palatable over longer periods of time.”

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