Son of Medical Superintendent at AIIMS Bhubaneswar Tests Positive

AIIMS RDA has requested that the matter be looked into on an ‘urgent basis’ with ‘necessary actions’ to follow.

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COVID-19 in Bhubaneswar: RDA has requested that the matter be looked into on an ‘urgent basis’ with ‘necessary actions’ to follow.

According to a report in The New Indian Express, the second confirmed case of COVID-19 in Odisha is the son of an AIIMS Bhubaneswar Medical Superintendent, who concealed his son’s travel history and attended meetings with senior officials of the state government.

The Resident Doctor’s Association (RDA) of the hospital has, in a letter that has been leaked on social media, addressed to AIIMS Bhubaneswar Director, Dr B. Geetanjali, requested for the matter to be looked into on an ‘urgent basis’ with ‘necessary actions against the guilty’ to follow.

The state’s second positive case is a 19-year-old with a travel history to Edinburgh, United Kingdom. His results came out on Thursday, 19 March. The RDA has claimed that he returned three days ago.

“The act of concealing his son’s and his exposure status is highly condemnable and requires strict action by the higher authority,” the letter said.

Son of Medical Superintendent at AIIMS Bhubaneswar Tests Positive

According to the letter, the father, Dr Sachidenanda Mohanty and isolation unit in-charge Dr Sourin Bhuniya showed ‘gross negligence’ by concealing the patient’s travel history, who was brought to the isolation unit and kept in the Doctors Room. It says that the patient was not admitted for 12 hours.

FIT reached out to Deputy Director of AIIMS Bhubaneswar, PK Ray, for a comment. He said, “The patient had arrived in India on the night of 18 March. He must not have shown symptoms at the international terminal of the airport. He came to the hospital the next morning, on 19 March to get tested. He was admitted to the isolation ward immediately, where his samples were collected. His results came out positive in the evening. The father may have spent time with him at home, I am not sure. All people in primary contact with him, including their driver, have been home quarantined.”

He pointed to the fact that the letter has not been signed by anyone.

He was unaware of whether the doctor attended meetings with state officials or not, or whether the details were concealed.

Odisha government's spokesperson on COVID-19, Subroto Bagchi confirmed that 46 people had come in contact with the patient and 43 of them have been traced so far. Eight monitoring teams are already tracking them, and the search is on for the rest three.

The health condition of the patient is currently stable.

The 19-year-old is the second positive case in the state after an Italy-returned researcher was found positive.

Meanwhile, all stand-alone restaurants, bars, coffee shops, canteens and eateries have been ordered to be closed immediately in Odisha. The state government has also disallowed congregation of more than seven people in any place.

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