Trump Admin Submits Notice of Formal Withdrawal from the WHO

US President Trump had announced the move in late May, amidst much criticism.

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COVID-19: President Trump announced withdrawal of support to the WHO in the midst of a pandemic.

The United States has informed the United Nations that they would be formally withdrawing from the World Health Organisation (WHO). US President Trump had announced the move in late May, amidst much criticism.

It must be noted that the move will not be finalised till July 2021. This also depends on the results of the US Presidential election later this year, as candidate Joe Biden said that if elected he would reverse the move on day one of his presidency.

If the US does withdraw from the WHO, it will put serious financial strain on its many programs for global health like its polio eradication program, or efforts in controlling the pandemic. 

Besides, according to the WHO, the United States currently owes the WHO more than $200 million in assessed contributions, reported WION.

The US must pay all debts and give one year notice before withdrawing.

The Trump Administration decided to take the move amid escalations with China, as it claimed the world health body was protecting China’s interests. The WHO denied all claims.

The US has been a member of the WHO for 70 years. The move has been criticised within the United States as well, with more than 750 scholars of public health, experts, former heads of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Food and Drug Administration signing a letter to the US Congress to block the withdrawal.

As the WHO warns that the pandemic has not hit its peak yet, the United States is leading the world in the number of cases and deaths.

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