COVID Vaccine Sputnik is 92% Effective: Russia; More Data Needed

The results are based on the responses of only 20 participants who got infected with COVID-19 to the vaccine.

The candidate vaccine is named ‘Sputnik V’ after the Soviet satellite.

On Wednesday, 11 November, Russia’s sovereign wealth fund announced that its Sputnik V vaccine is 92 per cent effective at protecting people from COVID-19 according to interim trial results.

The announcement comes just days after Pzifer and BioNTech made headlines with a claim of a 90 per cent vaccine on Monday, 9 November.

This also makes the Russian announcement the second late-stage human trial to reveal their results, reported Reuters.

These results are based on data from the first 16,000 trial participants to receive both shots of the two-dose vaccine, reported the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF).

However, this analysis of vaccine effectiveness was conducted after 20 participants in the trial got infected with COVID-19 - which means the results are based on only 20 participants responses to the vaccine verses a placebo.

For comparison, the Pzifer candidate examined 94 infections in their trial and are continuing it till they have 164 COVID-19 cases. To be fair though, the Russian trial will continue for another 6 months, and they will be subjecting their data for peer-review.

Russia has a long history of not revealing all their data before announcing remarkable results, and international experts have raised concern over safety and ethical norms.

Here is a rundown of all the vaccines still in the running in the global race to beat COVID-19.

(With inputs from Reuters.)

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