Pfizer's Coronavirus Vaccine Won't Be Ready before November

Pfizer said they will need time to look at safety and manufacturing data, pushing the date past 3rd week November.

Pfizer's coronavirus vaccine candidate will not be ready by end of the month.

Despite US President Donald Trump's claims, Pfizer has said their coronavirus vaccine will not be ready before November. Pfizer's chief executive Dr Albert Bourla has said that they will not be applying for emergency authorisation for the vaccine in the next 3 weeks, reports The New York Times.

The company, in a statement posted on their site, have said that while they will have preliminary numbers from their stage three trials, they will need time to look at safety data and manufacturing data. This will push their deadline to third week November.

Previously, the company has claimed in several interviews that they will be ready by October end.

60 public health officials and experts had signed a letter urging Pfizer to not rush its vaccine.

Nine vaccine makers had signed a pledge in September to “stand with science” and to not rush their vaccines under political pressure.

As of now, Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca's vaccine candidates are on hold in the United States over safety concerns after a participant reportedly fell ill. AstraZeneca's vaccine, that they are making in partnership with Oxford University's Jenner institute, has resumed trials in other parts of the world.

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