Looking Back at 1 Year of Lockdown: Healthcare Heroes Speak Out 

‘The year was mayhem.’ Here’s a look a 2020 through the eyes of our healthcare heroes.

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(To say 2020 was ‘unprecedented’ is an understatement. The novel coronavirus changed our world, and as we continue to grapple with rising cases in India, FIT is republishing this video to mark one year of lockdown.)

Video Editor: Ashutosh Bhardwaj


It’s been 1 year since the FIRST COVID case was confirmed in India. Here’s a look back at the healthcare heroes who worked for our safety throughout it all.

“The year started with mayhem,” says Dr Kamna Kakkar.

“I don’t think it hit me how disastrous and unprecedented this thing was going to be until I came in contact with a patient who was positive and I was not wearing adequate gear to protect myself.”
Nikhil Dhimole, General Surgery ResidentJJ Hospital, Mumbai

30 January 2020 was when India saw its first COVID patient in Kerala. The pandemic had officially arrived on our shores.

Resident doctors jumped into action, donned their PPE kits and braved the overwhelming surge in cases amidst the failing hospital systems. “

“Wearing those PPEs for long hours where every dressing would take 30 minutes – this added to the dehydration. We did not eat food for 6-8 long hours and we were totally exhausted.”
Dr. Harshil Shah, Resident Doctor at the Dept of Orthopedics, Rustom Narsee Cooper Hospital

From the initial shock, the scramble for PPE’s and equipment, staff strikes to burial troubles, this year has been one of trauma and resilience for our healthcare heroes.

Watch them tell you about the year that was, here.

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