Use Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp: Our Reader’s #PollutionKaSolution

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Use Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp: Our Reader’s #PollutionKaSolution

(Our readers write to us their simple and effective solutions to beat pollution. Take part in our #PollutionKaSolution initiative with your suggestions, and do your bit in raising awareness to tackle the menace of air pollution with FIT)

Manish Mehra

Use Himalayan rock salt lamps at home. This may help in reducing pollution at homes.

Mahima Jain

I think if people don’t want to plant a tree, make it a compulsion. In order to get a degree after graduation, make it compulsory for everybody to plant at least 10 plants. Similarly, in schools and other educational institutions. This should not lead to any repulsion as young and educated children will understand why it is being done. In this way, you can solve the major problematic causes of pollution like deforestation, improper rainfall, water crisis, soil erosion, depleting flora and fauna etc.

Pratham Jain

Today I'm going to tell you some solutions that can easily be implemented by individuals.

  1. Plant one tree near you and take care of that everyday. It’s a fundamental rule to combat pollution.
  2. Don’t use plastic. The government has banned it but people still manage to get their ways around it. Please avoid.
  3. We should be feeling strongly about our nature and be self motivated to do that work without any provocation.
  4. Solutions are many. We just need to start doing the right thing.

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