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Arushi Sharma:

Production of cars should be shut down for a really long time and the odd/even system should be activated again and followed strictly.

There are several steps that are taking place in countries like China, obviously, that will take ages but if there is anything that we, the youth, can be a part of, I would love to invest my resources.

I am already taking care of 60 plants at my place.

Dinesh Chaudhary

Pollution disturbs our ecosystem and the balance in the environment. By following these simple points below, we can all reduce pollution at our own levels:

  • Plant trees/cultivate a garden to curb polluted air and release more oxygen.
  • Switch off electricity-based equipment when not in use: lights, fans, machines, etc.
  • Make use of natural energy rather than electric energy. For example, dry your clothes naturally.
  • Use recyclable products, wherever possible.
  • Avoid plastic bags and use paper bags instead.
  • Avoid wastage of paper and use both sides.
  • Restrict the usage of hazardous chemicals.
  • Don’t overuse heaters and air conditioners.
  • Use public transport to reduce noise, air and light pollution.
  • Protect mother Earth by not spilling oil, garbage, sewage water, etc. at undesirable places.
  • Stop burning crackers during weddings, Diwali, New Year, etc.
  • Don’t dispose off eatables, packaging in oceans, rivers, etc.

Geetesh Singh

We must stop cigarette manufacturing ASAP. I cannot lose my friends anymore :(

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