FIT WebQoof: Will You Get COVID-19 From Chinese Products on Holi?
No such advisory to boycott the goods coming from China, has been issued by the Government.
No such advisory to boycott the goods coming from China, has been issued by the Government.(Photo: FIT)

FIT WebQoof: Will You Get COVID-19 From Chinese Products on Holi?


Since the now global virus, the novel coronavirus, originated in China, several posts are being shared about its connection with Holi - in particular fears about made in China products used during the festival of colors.

These posts claim that the colors, ‘gulal’ and pitchers are made in China where the virus outbroke and appeal to people to boycott all products coming in from China.

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What Does the Post Say?

Attention Hindus!

Holi is to be celebrated on 10 March, and things like pitchers, ‘gulal’, colours, masks, artificial hair etc. are used in abundance on Holi. These things are made in China where recently Coronavirus has spread.

This information is issued by the Intelligence Bureau for the safety of the people.

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In addition to this, a card which claims to be a message from the Indian Government and World Health Organisation is doing rounds on the social media. The card also asks people to refrain from using Chinese goods on Holi.

How True is it?

No such advisory to boycott the goods coming from China, has been issued by the Government of India or WHO.

WHO has already made it clear that people receiving packages from China are not at risk of contracting the new coronavirus.

From previous analysis, we know coronaviruses do not survive long on objects, such as letters or packages.

Additionally, we don't know exactly how long coronaviruses can survive on surfaces.

So far, what is known about the virus is that it originated in a sea-food market in the Hubei province of China. Many of those who traveled to China were infected and since then various cases of human-to-human transmission have come forward.

In view of the number of cases of coronavirus all over the world, experts say that the virus spreads because of coming in contact with an infected person.

According to American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it can be possible that touching your mouth, nose or eyes immediately after touching a surface or object with the virus on it can cause infection but it still can not be considered a main way of spreading virus.

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In addition to taking care of your personal hygiene and sanitation, it is advised to keep away from people who are suffering from cough, cold and fever.

Till now, no such case of someone getting infected by using products made in China has been identified.

Apart from this, it is interesting to know that after the outbreak of coronavirus, China’s trade has been badly affected.

Precautions to be Taken While Celebrating this Holi

In view of the spread of coronavirus, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, BJP president JP Nadda and Home Minister Amit Shah have decided not to participate in any Holi meetup.

PM Modi on Wednesday tweeted, “ Experts across the world have advised to reduce mass gatherings to avoid the spread of COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus. Hence, this year i have decided not to participate in any Holi Milan programme.”

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