FIT WebQoof: Can ‘Curcuminoid’ in Turmeric Cure Cancer? 

Does Curcumin or Curcuminoid Found in Turmeric Cure Cancer? We speak with experts to find out.

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FIT WebQoof: Can ‘Curcuminoid’ in Turmeric Cure Cancer? 
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Don’t fall for fake news, click here to check out Quint Fit’s WebQoof stories.

The Claim

A WhatsApp forward claims that a medicine called ‘curcuminoid’ can cure all types of cancer, including blood, breast, colon, liver, lung, prostrate and oral.

FIT WebQoof: Can ‘Curcuminoid’ in Turmeric Cure Cancer? 
FIT WebQoof: Can ‘Curcuminoid’ in Turmeric Cure Cancer? 
FIT WebQoof: Can ‘Curcuminoid’ in Turmeric Cure Cancer? 

The message ends with the name, address and number of a clinic in Bengaluru.

FIT approached the Bangalore clinic to know whether the message was actually circulated by them. The people there confirmed that they had sent the message in English, which people further translated into other languages to forward.

What is Curcuminoid?

Curcuminoid is a compound found in turmeric and is traditionally known for its antioxidant, herbal and medicinal qualities to eliminate inflammation.

True or False?

FIT spoke to Dr Meenu Walia, Senior Oncologist, Max Hospital, who said that people on social media unknowingly share messages.

“Of course, there are no two thoughts about the benefits of turmeric. It has been known as the ‘miracle spice’. Even as kids, we used to be advised to have turmeric milk to cure wounds and illnesses. Curcumin or curcuminoid is the most active compound in turmeric, and plays a role in its antioxidant, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.”

But no, it is not right to believe that consuming the compound will cure cancer. There is no proof to establish such a link.
Dr Meenu Walia

We advise people to include it in their diet for the numerous health benefits that it offers. But it is wrong to believe that cancer can be treated like this.

Dr. Ramesh Sarin of Surgical Oncology at Apollo Hospital acknowledges the antiseptic properties of turmeric. “Even if 5 people out of 100 cancer patients are observed to benefit from it, we will not recommend it. We will believe the results of the medication that helps 95 of them.”

There hasn’t been any study yet to prove this association. While it is antiseptic, it is not sufficient to treat cancer. 

Dr. Sarin says that turmeric can be used as a complementary treatment, but definitely not as an alternative to cancer treatment. It can enhance healing and immunization during chemotherapy and has no side-effects when consumed with cancer medicines.

The Verdict

According to the experts, curcumin is beneficial for health and should be included in our diets. Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine Coach, Luke Coutinho, also recommends adding turmeric to the diets of cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.

But it can only assist cancer treatment. There is absolutely no evidence to prove that it can singularly cure or treat cancer without employing any other treatment.

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