In what ways does climate impact our digestion?
In what ways does climate impact our digestion?(Photo: iStockphoto)
  • 1. Summer Diarrhea: Is There Such a Thing?
  • 2. But What Happens During a Heat Stroke?
  • 3. Winter-Weight: How, Why and Ways to Avoid
  • 4. 'Hot Foods', 'Cold Foods' and Ayurveda
  • 5. How Do You Avoid Food-Related Seasonal Sickness?
Climate and Digestion: Summer Diarrhea, Winter-Weight and More

Picture this. The sun is glaring outside and drops of sweat are sliding down the back of your neck one after the other. You can’t wait to rush into an air-conditioned room and have a glass of chilled water. But what you would not want, perhaps, is a plate of heavy food (freshly fried bhature with choley, maybe?) or a hot cup of tea.

There is this connection between the temperature outside and our food choices that comes almost naturally to us. But what explains our instinct? In what ways does climate impact our digestion- or does it at all?


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