FIT Bites: How to Make ‘Kanji’ and ‘Chutney’

Here’s how to make ‘Kanji’ and chutney, one of the oldest recipes in south India. 

Updated06 Sep 2019, 09:03 AM IST
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Battling a cold? We have a recipe that promises to be tasty and helps you battle that horrible flu.

In this season of ‘Food Bites’, FIT brings you fifteen exclusive recipes that combine the traditional with a twist. From the choice of ingredients, to the method of cooking, there’s a health aspect to it all. And it’s all done in a single vessel. This week, we present - Kanji and Chutney.

The ‘Kanji’ (broken rice gruel) and ‘chutney’ (paste) is one of the oldest combo-recipes of south India. It’s made of broken rice and ingredients that are both cheap, and easily available.

Pepper, jeera and fenugreek (along with salt and turmeric) are traditional home remedies for sensitive stomachs and common colds. When combined together in a rice gruel, the result is a hot, spicy meal that’s both filling and medicinal.

The chutney, which is made by grinding together green chillies, onions, ginger and salt helps generate heat in the gut and aids digestion.

The ideal cure-all meal for a rainy / cold day, the Kanji-Chutney is easy to make and is best served hot. Watch the video for the recipe, and do try it at home!

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Published: 03 Sep 2019, 10:36 AM IST

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