FIT Bites: How to Make Tomato Samba Bhath

Watch: How to make tomato samba bhath, a delicious twist to the spicy tomato rice.

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Down with a weak stomach, but craving something spicy and tangy? Here’s a recipe that’ll give you the goosebumps and a burp to go along!

In this season of ‘Food Bites’, FIT brings you fifteen exclusive recipes that combine the traditional with a twist. From the choice of ingredients, to the method of cooking, there’s a health aspect to it all. And it’s all done in a single vessel. This week, we present - Tomato Samba Bhath.

The ‘Samba Bhath’ (cooked broken wheat / dalia) is an excellent remedy for constipation. It’s filling, full of flavour and lends itself to earthy spices. We bring you a healthy twist to the ‘tomato rice’, which is popular lunchtime meal in South India.

Served with grated or finely chopped carrots, this meal is hold-all for taste, health and medicinal / curative benefits. Go binge!

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