Here’s How Curvy Yogis Took Over Instagram, Busted a Myth or Two

These Instagrammer are celebrating their bodies by putting up stunning pictures of them doing complex Yoga asanas.

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These Instagrammer are celebrating their bodies by putting up stunning pictures of them doing complex Yoga asanas.

Yoga has nothing to do with your body-type. Don't believe us? Here is evidence. #CurvyYogis and #BodyPositiveYoga are some hashtags widely used on Instagram that you should take a look at.

They lead to posts where the Yogis are not lean or how a stereotypical representation of a Yoga practitioner expects them to be. Not only are they reclaiming the word "fat", but are also subverting the idea of a lean Yoga body.

Instagrammer Trinity.Yoga is one such example of body positive Yoga practitioners with a stable following of like-minded people.

Busting Yoga Myths

One of the biggest myths surrounding Yoga is its connection with weight loss. No, it does not lead to weight loss - unless it’s a very specific kind of it, meant to target that particular problem.

Yoga helps to tone and strengthen your body, along with calming your mind.

I fell in love with the high quality + stylish @JCPenney athletic wear that I wore during the #HereIAm shoot- the shorts, leggings, and tops made me feel very strong, sexy, and confident. However, we rarely see fat bodied athletes wearing revealing clothing. I think it’s because we’re expected to hide our bodies beneath layers of fabric. However, feeling good about ourselves should be a universal value- and what better way to manifest self-love than by wearing the clothes we actually WANT to wear, instead of the clothes we’re expected to wear? Regardless of body shape or size, we’re all meant to live our best lives right now, at this exact moment. But let’s face it- confidence can be hard to maintain in the face of opposition. It may not come easy, but confidence is more worthwhile than almost anything else in this world. I maintain confidence by reminding myself that I am meant to be unique- and the unexpected bits of my body and personality are the best parts. How do you maintain confidence? #sponsored

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Meet Jessamyn, another Instagrammer who celebrates her curvy body by putting up stunning pictures of her doing gravity-defying Yoga asanas. Her ideas of body types are loved and appreciated immensely, as can be evidenced by her massive following of 365,000 followers!

Put Some Breathing Into It

Yoga, a lifestyle choice, is about calming the mind and reaching the equilibrium between mind and body. Asanas are only a means to achieve this end and are also only part of the process.

Yogis like Bad Wolf ૐ, Georgina and Yoga with Joshay prove this further with constantly reminding Instragrammers that their practice is not about ripped bodies and lean muscle.

Reclaiming the Word “Fat”

By using hashtags like #FatYoga and #FatPositiveYoga, several of these practitioners are reclaiming the word “fat”. The attempt perhaps is to no longer let it be associated with sloth, lack of exercise or inflexibility.

The cultural subversion of the word is an important step in fighting eating disorders, on the rise globally owing to unrealistic body standards set by media and films.

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