From Breathing to Diet, The Right Way to Do Yoga With Mickey Mehta

On International Day of Yoga, Mickey Mehta talks about how to practise Yoga the right way.

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(21 June is the International Day of Yoga. In light of it, FIT is republishing this story.)

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Holistic health expert Dr Mickey Mehta is all set to release his new book ‘Lose Weight, Gain Shape’ on International Day of Yoga on 21 June. We spoke to him regarding some of the misconceptions that people have when it comes to Yoga and what is the right way to do it.

Here are a few insights.


Yoga and Breathing

What are some of the common mistakes that people make while breathing when practising Yoga?

When you breathe in, your stomach should balloon naturally, and when you breathe out your stomach should retreat naturally. But people do the opposite, when they breath in they pull in their stomachs.

Yoga and Diet

What kind of pre and post workout snacks should people opt for?

If at all should you eat before exercising, it should be juicy fruits an hour before. Post exercise, it’s best to have a meal. If it is not mealtime, best to have juices. But remember, eat only when hungry, remember to chew a lot when you eat and remember don’t overeat, always leave some room in your stomach to breath and for you to be relaxed.

When is the right time to practice Yoga? Day or night?

The calm and cool Yoga can happen 24x7, but the Yoga of exercise, the asanas – it’s better if they happen in the morning. Because your energies rise with the sunrise. So, the best time to do Yoga is in the morning because that’s the best time to reap the fruits of Yoga, because your body is charged with energy. At the end of the day, when you’re exhausted, you can simply stretch a little bit, do simple pranayams, meditate, do shavasana, Yoga nidra.

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