Want to Kick-Start your Post Pandemic Fitness Journey? Start Here

Athlete and fitness coach Ayesha Billimoria talks post pandemic fitness, staying motivated and trail walks.

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Here are some tips on staying motivated when you start your post pandemic fitness journey.</p></div>

If you are someone who is willing to kick start your fitness routine post lockdown, take a seat and keep reading!

You are in for three simple steps that will help you to get closer to your fitness goals and a challenge that will keep your spirits high like never before.

Many people had to face problems in maintaining their fitness routine during the pandemic and it did leave an impact.

Fortunately, it was not the same for me. I have always been very independent with my training and never had to depend on someone or a particular modality of training.

Moreover, lockdown allowed me to work on my not-so-strong points.

These strange times left people with a thought of living a better and healthy life.


But where do they start, what should they focus on, will they overdo themselves, and most importantly—how long until we start seeing the results?

In retrospect to the same, my advice to everyone who wants to start their fitness journey is to follow these three simple steps.

  • Focus on breathing exercises: I think to strengthen the lungs right now is the most important thing at a time like this. Because no matter how physically fit you may be, it is important to take care of your organs.

  • Don’t overdo it: Exercise in moderation and do as much as you can. I think for somebody who is just starting off, even a good 35-40 minutes’ workout session is enough.

  • Be active and keep going: Make little changes in your routine like going for walks and choosing the stairs instead of the elevator. Give yourself time to adapt and you will start to see changes very soon – starting from your mood itself!

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Athlete and fitness coach, Ayesha Billimoria found ways to stay self motivated in the pandemic.</p></div>

Athlete and fitness coach, Ayesha Billimoria found ways to stay self motivated in the pandemic.

(Source: Ayesha Billimoria)

But How to Stay Motivated?

When committing to a new routine, staying consistent is the key. If you can tap on it right, you are good to go.

But a great way to test yourself is to take fitness challenges. Oxfam Trailwalker Virtual-Challenge is excellent for people to begin!

It’s simple – all you have to do is walk, a simple activity, everyone can do it and no matter how fast or slow you walk, all you have to do is stay consistent.

The Oxfam Trailwalker Challenge is a virtual walkathon where one can choose to walk for 100km, 50km or 25km over the period of 10 days.

In a time like this when we are starting to go out and about, there are still a lot of people who are demotivated and are hardly excited to go out and exercise. I think they lost their motivation somewhere down the line.

So I think Oxfam Trailwalker Virtual-Challenge is something that can motivated people to get back to their regular routines for those who have lost it. I am looking forward to participating and doing the 50km challenge and I am excited to get started!

The support to the challenge also helps Oxfam India in their on-ground work and you get to contribute in this with your participation.

One of the biggest reasons why the Trailwalker challenge is well-suited for everyone is that you have enough time to complete the distance that you choose.

You can choose the time that is most comfortable for them and there is no space of having any anxiety or fear that you’ll not be able complete the challenge.

I think if it’s paced out well over the ten days, anyone can do it. It’s that simple!

(This article has been authored by athlete and fitness coach Ayesha Billimoria in collaboration with Oxfam India’s upcoming virtual Trailwalker challenge, #WalkInMyShoes, being held from 17 - 26 September 2021 & 01 - 10 October 2021)

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