How aware are we of the fungus that lives and breeds in our hospitals?
How aware are we of the fungus that lives and breeds in our hospitals?(Photo: iStockphoto)
  • 1. What is Candida Auris?
  • 2. What Makes it a Global Health Threat?
  • 3. Where Does India Stand?
  • 4. What India Lacks: Awareness, Accuracy and Resources
  • 5. What Can Be Done?
India & Candida Auris: The Deadly Infection Breeding in Hospitals

Increasing bacterial resistance to antimicrobial drugs has been a major public health concern lately. Scientists and doctors alike have been grappling with the question of curing ailments without the overuse or prescription of such medication.

In such a scenario, the emergence of a multi-drug resistant fungus, called Candida Auris, which breeds in hospital environments (where people are already suffering from a particular condition and thus, have weaker immunity), calls for immediate global attention.

FIT spoke to three experts, Professor Ramanan Laxminarayan, founder and director of the Center for Disease Dynamics, Economics & Policy (CDDEP) in Washington, D.C., Dr Isabel Frost, fellow at CDDEP, and Dr Sumit Ray, Chairperson, Critical Care Medicine, to understand the peculiar problem that it creates for a country like India; where the healthcare infrastructure is battling to even recognise AMR as a real threat.


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