Coronavirus: Odisha Govt To Give Rs 15,000 For Home-Isolation

Odisha govternment will give Rs 15,000 to people coming from abroad as an incentive for home-isolation.

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Governments all over the world have been asking people to self-isolate to prevent a COVID-19 infection.

Odisha government on Monday announced that people coming to Odisha from abroad will be given an incentive of Rs. 15,000 for registration and home-isolation amid the coronavirus outbreak.

The decision was taken considering that the biggest source of infection of COVID-19, is persons coming from abroad into the State.

Anyone coming to the state from abroad can register themselves by dialling 104 or through the government's online portal. This should be done within 24 hours of arrival.

"Their location will be tracked during their home isolation and mandated number of calls will be made everyday to keep a close watch and give appropriate medical guidance."
Odisha Government

A similar move was made by the government in Wuhan where people are to receive $100 for each day they are quarantined.

There is one case of coronavirus in Odisha with no deaths so far.

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