Famous People Around the World Who Have COVID-19

From Hollywood stars, to sports icons and political headers, coronavirus cases among the famous.

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Video Editor: Varun Sharma

Video Producer: Hera Khan

As coronavirus spreads across the world with over 100,000 cases in 132 countries, it has infected some well-known faces. Here's the famous celebrities, sports stars, politicians, who have tested positive!

1. Hollywood actors Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson

2. Sophie Gregoire Trudeau, wife of Canadian PM Justin Trudeau

3. Nadine Dorries, British Health Minister

4. Eshaq Jahangiri, Iran's Vice President

5. Fabio Wajngarten, Press Secretary for Brazilian Jair Bolsonaro

6. Mikel Arteta, Manager, Arsenal Football Club

7. Peter Dutton, Minister of Home Affairs, Australia

8. Rudy Gobert, French Basketball Player for the NBA

9. Donavan Mitchell, American Basketball Player

10. Franck Riester, French Culture Minister

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