#MyRightToBreathe: Patakha Smoke is What Makes Us Suffer The Most

Enjoy the thrill of Diwali, but don’t get choked by smoke!

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Why does Diwali – the festival of joy and lights – make Dr Neeraj Jain sad? Simply because the festival ends up costing people’s lives. The pulmonologist urges us to take firecracker smoke seriously. Patakha smoke is the most harmful form of pollution.

Jain has taken a pledge and urges others not to burst firecrackers either. It’s time we give our children a better future.

(Breathe In, Breathe Out: Are you finding it tough to breathe polluted air? Join hands with FIT in partnership with #MyRightToBreathe to find a solution to pollution. Send in your suggestions to or WhatsApp @ +919999008335)

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