‘What really is AQI?’ and other questions you have about the method of calculating pollution.
‘What really is AQI?’ and other questions you have about the method of calculating pollution.(Photo: iStockphoto)
  • 1. Why Do We Use AQI?
  • 2. How Is The AQI Calculated?
  • 3. Why Do Some Monitors Say US AQI? How Is It Different from...
  • 4. This is confusing! How can we avoid these inconsistencies?
  • 5. Is It True That CPCB’s AQI Index Caps at 500? Also at the...
  • 6. Which of These Pollutants Is Considered Most Dangerous?
  • 7. Rejoicing When AQI Falls to 250 from 999 – Should We?
  • 8. Heard in an Elevator: Indians Are Not Affected by AQI of...
What Does the Air Quality Index Really Show Us?

Since it was launched in 2015, the Air Quality Index (AQI) has been widely used in reporting and discussing air quality in India.

There are multiple apps and websites that can be accessed to find out the air pollution levels, almost always in AQI terms.

However, there are often discrepancies between the numbers reported in these different sources leading to added confusion to an already complex issue.

This article tries to address some common questions and misconceptions about the AQI.

  • 1. Why Do We Use AQI?

    The AQI was created to help communicate the severity of air quality levels for multiple pollutants to the public, the risks they carry and recommended defensive measures through a single composite index, a colour-code and broad categories of air quality levels (good, moderate, poor, etc.).

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