Our Reader Gives His #PollutionKaSolution, What’s Yours?

Our reader gives simple and effective suggestions to tackle air pollution. What’s your #PollutionKaSolution?

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Our Reader Gives His #PollutionKaSolution, What’s Yours?

(Minhaaj Budye writes to us with his simple and effective solutions. Take part in our #PollutionKaSolution initiative with your suggestions, and do your bit in raising awareness to tackle the menace of air pollution with FIT.)


This is Minhaaj, and I'll get straight to the point.

What I think is control and care is the only solution for the pollution.

Our air is polluted.

Solution — Plant trees, control your food intake, raise awareness in schools, give preference to environmental studies, raise awareness in IT companies. Yes they maybe busy in their jobs, but if there is no Earth to live, what is the use of money? Moreover, our elders are so consumed with responsibilities that they don't have enough time to look after themselves, how will they take care of nature?

Regarding industrial pollution, now to shut down industry is a matter of court and government,

But as a human being, I believe that if we come together, understand the root cause and be conscious enough to act upon it, we can help and make the situation better.

Our day to day life activities contribute to the problem — using chemicals in cleaning emit carbon, grazing animals emits methane, consuming red meat leaves a carbon footprint, the list goes on and on...

Control is what will benefit us.

  1. Walk small distances, or promote bicycles.
  2. Control consumption of meat. You may not be able to ban meat. But if we all together limit our consumption in dairy products and meat, there will be a greater result. Knowledge is really important.
  3. I also think there are more non-veg restaurants than vegetarian ones. And we don't know how much food and meat is wasted. There must be a lot of carbon footprint left around, so I believe such places should hire gardeners and plant more trees. Yes, a gardener too because you need to keep those plants alive and that happens when you take good care of them.
  4. We people have a bad habit of extravagance. We don't have enough knowledge about climate crisis. We don't even know how our small bad habit such as keeping the charger plugged to board is adding to the problem.

We all are learning. We need to educate everyone. Our government should help inform people, schools, institutions, and this should be treated as an emergency. It is too late to relax and go slow.

Imagine if people get to know what things are contributing and how they can stop this from happening. They come together, limit their consumption, take small measures, start planting trees. Having a small garden in your building's balcony can also help.

If only a million people come together and start taking care of the environment.

P.S - There is a lot we can do. Only if the government, schools, institutions and companies take enough care and inform people. Lots of awareness is still required. It's high time that media stops debating on communal topics and harmony and work together towards this.

Thank you, your content is truthful. Please keep going on.

(FIT is launching its #PollutionKaSolution campaign. Join us by becoming an anti-air pollution warrior. Send in your questions, your stories of how to tackle air pollution and your ideas to FIT@thequint.com)

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