Air India Flight to China: Evacuees Will Be Isolated Near Manesar

Boeing 747 has 5 doctors from the Ministry of Health on board along with all required medicines for the evacuees.

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The Boeing 747 will likely land in India at 2 am on Saturday.

Air India special flight has departed from Delhi for China to evacuate Indians trapped in Wuhan since the outbreak. The flight will likely bring back over 300 passengers.

The flight is likely to return Saturday early morning at 2 am. Boeing 747 has 5 doctors from the Ministry of Health on board along with all the medicines and other requirements for the evacuees. 33 AI officials are on board the flight. According to reports, there will be minimal contact between the crew and the passengers. Food will be placed on the seats before they board. The passengers will be tested and kept in isolation wards set up near Manesar and Delhi once they land.


The AI Chairperson Ashwini Lohani had tweeted earlier on how the airline was once again taking a front and centre role when it came to emergencies.

Isolation Wards

The evacuees will be kept in isolation facilities that have been prepared for them. They are likely to be taken to the Army base in Manesar where preparations have been made for their stay.

Army facility in Manesar
Army facility in Manesar
(Photo: ANI)
Army facility in Manesar
Army facility in Manesar
(Photo: ANI)

A 600-Bed Facility in Delhi by ITBP

Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) has also created a 600-bedded facility in Delhi to quarantine and provide basic medical care to those suspected to have been affected by coronavirus.

The facility is at the ITBP camp in south-west Delhi's Chhawla area, its spokesperson Vivek Kumar Pandey told the agency PTI.

"A team of doctors will be present at the facility, which has about 600 beds and has been prepared in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak," he said.

Special arrangements have been made to host children and women at this quarantined facility, Pandey said.

Those kept at the centre will be provided with food, water and other basic amenities.

  • 01/04
    Dining hall at the ITBP facility in South Delhi(Photo courtesy: ITBP)
    Dining hall at the ITBP facility in South Delhi
  • 02/04
    Charging station(Photo courtesy: ITBP)
    Charging station
  • 03/04
    (Photo courtesy: ITBP)
  • 04/04
    (Photo courtesy: ITBP)

In preparation for the evacuation, the Indian Embassy in China had requested Indians living in Wuhan and Hubei province to sign consent slips. Reportedly, the consent note has to be signed by the individuals or by parents in case of minors. The scanned copy had to be sent to the Indian Embassy. A unique code was provided by the embassy to the passengers.

(With inputs from ANI, PTI)

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