Healthcare Workers Turn Real Heroes In China Coronavirus Outbreak

Healthcare Workers Turn Real Heroes In China Coronavirus Outbreak

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A medical worker from Beijing Anzhen Hospital demonstrates how to put on and take off protective clothing for preparations to join the fight against the novel coronavirus epidemic at a base for medical workers in Wuhan, capital of central China

Doctors in Wuhan are facing a tough time at the field.

A man, whose father-in-law died in a hospital in Wuhan, beat up a doctor and allegedly even pulled the doctor’s mask, thereby increasing his exposure risk to the virus, according to The New York Times.

There's also the shortage of medical supplies and hospital beds, which has prompted hospitals to request the public to help them refurbish their stock of medical supplies and masks.

Meanwhile, Chinese media reports that in Huanggang, which is being termed a 'second Wuhan', some healthcare workers were seen wearing raincoats and garbage bags as shoe covers, instead of proper protective gear, to protect themselves against the highly contagious virus.

All this, while being highly aware that in case of a public health emergency, frontline healthcare workers are among the first ones to lay down their lives.

Perhaps, that's why, they have also turned unlikely heroes on social media.

People are tweeting their respect for the healthcare workers, who are taking on the difficult task of tackling a global public health emergency. They are also praising them for their unrelenting (and often thankless) hard work. Some have even tweeted links where people can fund supplies for healthcare workers.

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