Fighting Depression? Yoga Might Just Be What You Need
Yoga has been known to help fight the symptoms of depression.
Yoga has been known to help fight the symptoms of depression. (Photo: Rhythum Seth/FIT)

Fighting Depression? Yoga Might Just Be What You Need

We know it’s difficult to explain what you are going through and it’s a struggle to fight the unknown. Depression can affect anyone, anywhere. So it is not only important to acknowledge this condition, but also identify effective and lasting ways to combat it.

According to a WHO study on depression in India, one in 20 people, over the age of 18, have suffered from depression.

Over the years, yoga has emerged as an effective way to help fight depression. It has reduced the impact of stress and anxiety and has improved energy levels among individuals.

So how exactly does a few minutes of yoga help you fight depression?

Good Supply of Happy Hormones

Experts believe that Serotonin is the key hormone that regulates our mood and keeps us happy. Any form of exercise helps increase the production of this hormone in the body, which in turn keeps us calm and at peace with ourselves. The gentle and fluid yoga postures help you focus on positive thoughts and cheer you up!

(Photo: Rhythum Seth/ FIT)

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Reduces Stress & Anxiety

Yoga helps lower the levels of the stress hormone cortisol in the body.

The deep breathing techniques help you calm down and de-stress yourself. It helps you connect with your inner voice and channelise your energy in the right direction.

(Photo: Rhythum Seth/ FIT)

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Improves Self-Esteem

Depression is often known to be accompanied with chronic low self-esteem. And we know how that can ruin our lives.

Practicing yoga daily helps clear your mind of negative thoughts. It helps you access a different side of your personality and builds confidence. Give it a try!

(Photo: Rhythum Seth/ FIT)

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Helps Fight Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Studies have shown that yoga can help deal with PTSD. Sudarshan Kriya Yoga may have a healing effect on the nervous system, and helps restore an individual's mental balance over a period of time.

(Photo: Rhythum Seth/ FIT)

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Apart from these, yoga also helps increase your pain tolerance levels. So you will be able to deal better with those never-ending back pains and headaches.

We know the fight is real and all consuming, but give yoga a chance and who knows, it might just be what you were waiting for!

Go on. Give it a try!

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